Musings on The Ten Commandments

People often think of the Ten Commandments as dusty old rules that have no place in our modern "enlightened, and empowered" society. However, the ten commandments don't have an expiration date. So, since we have progressed, allegedly, in both intellect and morality, these "ancient rules" should be not only easy to understand but also follow. So what are they? 

Contributed by Donna Ruggeri

10 Commandments

These are not ten suggestions - as so many Americans would like it to be.They are commandments.However, as Carl Henderson pointed out today in church, they are commandments and they have everything to do with our Holy Identity. 

10 Commandments 

1. No other Gods - You belong to Me.

2. No other gods or idols .- many things in our lives can become idolsif we are not careful - social media, cell phones, Pinterest, Twitter, fitness, money etc. We are to be true to God - and knock down those idols - as we see them develop in our lives.Don't be idolatrous.

3. No Taking the Lord's name in vain.Don't use God's name as a recreational swear word.SHOW RESPECT - AND BE RESPECTFUL.

4. Remember the Sabbath Day and be Holy.We should pursue holiness on this day . This includes worship and really BE THERE in mind, and spirit -besides just body! For me - writing after the sermon - is one of the ways I pursue holiness.I understand God (and myself) more when I read His word, listen in the silence and write.
I think this is saying - here's your chance to stop and rest - and to go deep with Me. 

5. Honor Your Father & Mother - BE Honorable - it starts here - with your parents.I am not really sure what it means when it says -" so that your days may be long..."?

6. No Murders - YOU shall not be a murderer. NO

7.No Adultery - You shall not be an adulterer - no excuses!

8. No Stealing - You shall not be a thief.No Excuses!

9. No False Witness - DON'T LIE.YOU ARE NOT TO BE A LIER.

10. NO COVETING - Don't waste your time or your character being jealous of what / who someone has. Be happy with what you have!
And believe that God will provide!

These are some of my musings on interpreting the 10 Commandments as keys to our Holy Identity!I never thought of the 10 commandments as anything other than rules – rules for holy and righteous living – but rules, nonetheless. They are so much more than that.