Awaken: A Call to Revival

Several months ago, my mother and I sat, as we often do on Sunday afternoons, in her living room sipping coffee. Over café mochas, we like to “solve the world’s problems” which means we discuss ideas, theories, and experiences that have shaped our opinions, values, and beliefs. That particular Sunday, however, we were discussing what God was doing in our lives. While I couldn’t point to one specific change, I distinctly remember turning to my mother and saying: “I don’t know what I am supposed to do, I just feel like God is telling me to WAKE UP!”

I had this constant feeling like I was asleep, disconnected, and that God was telling me that it was time to awaken.

Since then, this phrase has been repeated more and more by those around me. It started with Pastor Carl telling the NCAC governing board that he wanted to host a series of Revival services in the community. To my surprise, he said the service was titled “Awaken” because he felt that God was calling the people of Plattsburgh to wake up. At first, I brushed this off as mere coincidence. Then people outside of our town started echoing the same sentiment! Pastors visiting our area began saying that they wished they lived in Plattsburgh, NY because SOMETHING WAS HAPPENING!   Something was different... like a change in the very air around us. 

It was hard to describe the feeling, but the energy in our town began (and continues) to shift. In our church, people began to pray for revival. 

Soon I noticed these sentiments of change and stirring expressed in non-church settings. For instance, when Governor Andrew Cuomo delivered the news that Plattsburgh won a $10 million grant to develop downtown Plattsburgh, he also observed: "a sense of vibrancy and energy that is in the air,  that you can feel."   

What I once foolishly attributed to coincidence, I can now see is actually God calling His people to Him. He is telling us it is time to get up! To stop sleeping and to be awake!

As our Pastor began meeting and speaking with other church leaders and members in the area, I was once again amazed by how the Lord is working in our city. Soon we realized that several of the other churches in the surrounding area are praying for the same change. Our Christian brothers and sisters were even using the same exact word




Without speaking to each other, the Christians throughout this community are calling out to God for the same thing: revival. Clearly, this is not a coincidence. It is not merely a sentiment. It is God's spirit moving: here and now.  

So what will you do? What will I do when God is calling me?  

I do not want to treat the God of heaven and earth like an alarm clock. I cannot hit the snooze button on this call to WAKE UP.  He is calling His church, and we must ARISE. If we don't, what will we miss? What will we sleep through if we do not awaken?

God is moving, it is time to get up.  





If you are interested in attending the Revival services I mentioned in this article, here are the details:  

Awaken: Revival Services

August 1st-3rd at 7:00PM

North Country Alliance Church

7 Northern Avenue, Plattsburgh, NY.  

All churches, Christians, and non-Christians alike are welcomed to this community-wide event.  Call 518-324-5430 if you need directions or any other details.