Night Light: Listening to God's Voice


There are people who know when the Lord speaks to them; they recognize His voice and know in their hearts His will for them. I was never one of those people until it happened to me.


My husband, Bruce, and I live in Plattsburgh, New York and every now and then we enjoy taking the ferry over to Vermont to go shopping in Burlington. This past summer we made the trek over on a sunny Saturday afternoon and as we pulled into the parking lot at our destination, I noticed a woman sitting cross legged on the ground in the corner of two buildings and I was immediately struck with an overwhelming sense of despair. Her head and shoulders were slumped forward so I couldn’t see her face but it didn’t matter what she looked like; I knew without a doubt that she needed help. Bruce was driving and was trying to find a parking spot when I said to him “that woman is in trouble - she needs help. I don’t know what’s wrong but I know that she needs help”.


We parked the car and walked as quickly as we could across the parking lot over to her. As we got closer to her, I could see that she was a younger woman with blond wavy hair. I knelt down on one knee and it was then that I noticed that her arms were dirty, her clothing was tattered, and her bare feet were caked in blackened dirt. I touched her arm and I said “excuse me Miss, are you OK?”. She raised her head slowly and looked at me with sad, beautiful green eyes and said “no, I’m not OK. I’m homeless and I’m pregnant.”


Her name escapes me but I will never forget her story. This young woman told us that she had been sleeping on the streets and also that she qualified for assisted housing but she didn’t have the money for the required deposit. I asked her how much she had collected that day to which she replied “nothing; nobody will help me”. I asked her how much she needed and she said $90 so we turned our pockets inside out and between the two of us, we had a total of $87, which she accepted gratefully.


After we gave her all of our money, I then asked her if we could pray for her and she agreed without hesitation. She got up off the ground and stood in front of us with her arms by her side. Bruce and I then laid our hands on her and we began to pray over her out loud right there in the middle of the sidewalk. People were walking past us and we were oblivious to everyone except for her. I had my left hand on her head and my right hand on her shoulder and as we prayed, there was an energy tingling through me from the top of my head down to my feet. I recall asking God to protect her and her unborn child but other than that, I remember giving it over to the Lord to guide us to say what she needed to hear. We ended the prayer with a hug and I told her to go and take care of herself and her unborn child to which she replied “I’m trying”.


Bruce and I have given money to many people over the years but never have we been guided to do so by the Holy Spirit in such a profound way. There was nothing subtle about what happened and I give thanks to our faith family at North Country Alliance Church for teaching us not only how to pray over others, but also how to be bold in our faith. The Lord commanded us to help this young woman and we did so with the gladdest of hearts. We never did end up buying anything at all that day but then again, it turns out that wasn’t really the purpose of the trip after all. 

Linda and Bruce Fligg, Summer 2016.