Safety is our top priority in Children's Ministry. To that end, we have a number of safeguards in place to ensure that each child feels safe and protected at NCAC. Below is a brief overview of some of our polices and procedures-for further details speak to a Children's Worker or Genna Barnaby (Director of Children's Ministry): 

1. Diapers must be changed by parents. Children's Workers will notify parents when child needs diaper change by flashing the child's designated number discretely on a small screen in the front of the Sanctuary.  Older children who need to be accompanied by an adult in the bathroom will also need to be toileted by their parents. 

2. Food allergies must be disclosed to Children's Workers. We do offer snacks in children's ministry; please help us keep your children safe by disclosing all known food allergies.

3. For added security, all Children's Workers must be members of NCAC who have had an initial background check before working in Kingdom Kids.They must be approved by NCAC standards to work with children. 

4. First-time visitors are encouraged to complete a sign-in form to provide important safety information to workers before children are dropped off.



Vacation Bible School

Each summer, NCAC hosts a 5-day event, that is a fun and exciting break-from-the-norm for kids in pre-K through 5th grade.  Each VBS has snacks, games, bible stories, and more!  


Contact Genna Barnaby at: 

Kingdom Kids

Children are highly valued at our church. We believe that all people, no matter how small, are precious to God. Our goal in Kingdom Kids is to share the love of Jesus with His children and to help teach them more about Him. We have dedicated teachers who will meet with your children and provide grade-level material to help them understand lessons from the teachings in the Bible. We believe that children are the church of TODAY not tomorrow. As a result, we are actively equipping them to not only hear but share the gospel with children at every age.

What to Expect on Sunday 

We love being together!  Because of this, we encourage families to sing and worship the Lord together on Sunday mornings. However, sometimes concepts in the sermon can be challenging for younger learners to understand. Because of this, we have a special, kid-friendly message prepared for children aged 18 months-5th grade.  Kindly walk them to the Bible Story room and sign-in your child; at the conclusion of the service, please pick up your child and sign them out. If your children are shy, please feel free to stay with them until they feel settled!    

In fact, first-time visitors are encouraged to accompany their children to their first Kingdom Kids lesson in order to meet our wonderful teachers and to fill out a registration form for peace of mind.  

Your child's comfort and safety are very important to us! Please let us know if we can help in any way!   

Once your child feels comfortable, you can return to the Sanctuary (at any point) to hear the Sunday message. The Infant Nursery room is also available to families and their infants and toddlers. (birth to age 2)

Communion Sunday 

Please note that on the first Sunday of every month, we celebrate Communion Sunday. In order to allow families to enjoy Communion together, there is no Kingdom Kids program on these Sundays.